Can you answer these 10 questions"?

If you can answer these questions you should be able to make a more informed decision as to whether a bespoke kitchen design and installation is for you…

  • Is quality and service a higher priority than price?

  • Do you want to bring your dream kitchen to life?

  • Is individuality important to you?

  • Do you know exactly what you want, you just need a visual representation of it?

  • Do you have very specific requirements for your kitchen?

  • Do you have a peculiar shaped room or difficult dimensions to work with?

  • Do you prefer a personal-touch opposed to cookie-cutter?

  • Do you want to have full control over the finer details?

  • Do you like quirky designs rather than your average, simplistic kitchen layout?

  • Do you want to have the assurance your kitchen is being handled by a close team of professionals?

If you have answered yes to the majority of these questions, we’re sure that a tailored kitchen is the perfect fit for you.

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Still thinking? Most people’s first question is…

How much does a bespoke kitchen cost? 


A question most people ask is how much does a bespoke kitchen cost? Well, the cost is pretty undefinable. Honestly, you can expect it to be more expensive than your average Ikea kitchen. However, you are certainly getting far more for your money as the price is truly reflected in the beautiful, hand-made pieces, the longevity of the fittings, and quality of the overall finish.

Overall, we’d challenge the idea that an off the shelf kitchen is cheaper. With good design you’ll avoid the frustrations of a poorly built kitchen, leaving you with a kitchen that becomes more a part of you home, more of a pleasure to use, more a seamless part of your life…

Don’t just furnish your home, love it!

Talk to us about getting true value for money. We’ll help with the second most popular question we get asked… how to get a bespoke kitchen on a budget?

benefits of bespoke kitchen


Choosing a bespoke kitchen, means you have complete control over the style, colour and materials used, allowing you to create a unique place that truly reflects your personality. As different homes have different styles, your kitchen would need to follow the same scheme of the house and our hand-built kitchens allow you to make no compromises and only have the things YOU want. 

Designed to fit your room, effortlessly


 Bespoke kitchens can be perfect if your room is a peculiar shape, with strange dimensions as every piece is tailored to fit your exact needs. However if you’re on a low budget and your room is of a standard shape and size, you may consider buying an off the shelf range as an easier option.

A style for all tastes

Yeland kitchen-1.jpg

Our custom-made kitchens can incorporate any different style, whether that be modern, traditional or shaker. A hand-built shaker kitchen will include minimalistic designs, presenting a beautifully understated, sophisticated kitchen. A traditional bespoke kitchen will focus on detail in all areas, with themes of country, rustic and old world being portrayed. A custom-made modern kitchen will have a sparse sleekness, with simple hardware and strong horizontal lines.

The types of materials we use vary depending on the look and functionality you are trying to achieve. Some of the more popular choices are solid oak for cabinets and granite or glass for work surfaces, however the options are endless and of course entirely up to you.

Quality Materials and Appliances

We work with only the best partners and suppliers including Neff, Caledonia, Kohler and Blanco to name only a few.

Choosing a kitchen style depends on a number of things such as your taste and the current age/style of your house, as if your home is ultra-modern, fitting in a traditional kitchen will not tie in. These are all important factors that you must consider when choosing whether a bespoke kitchen is for you, so we can create the kitchen from your visions.

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