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We understand that you have unique needs, that every home is different. Whether you want a modern clean look, a classic country feel, or something more minimal, there are four or five classic layouts that are great starting points.

  • Single and double galley kitchens with one or two continuous runs of cabinets

  • L-shaped kitchens that are built into a corner offering optimum counter space

  • U-shaped kitchens, which surround the cook on three sides with everything within easy reach


Multi-use spaces are becoming more common, with our lifestyles revolving more around the central hub of the kitchen, people are losing their dining rooms in favour of a space that can be used to, cook, eat, entertain, sit with the kids to do their homework… it’s a busy space. It’s become so important, and it’s why we plan with you to ensure it’s just right.

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If you have the space in your kitchen, a central island can easily become a useful space for multiple tasks. It provides an extra work area. With electric outlets installed it can become an office desk, or you can have a phone or tablet plugged in so you don’t lose your place while following a recipe online. In the morning it can be your breakfast bar to sit with your morning coffee.

It’s a great place to add some storage too. Add some coat pegs under the counter it becomes your coat store. Fancy a bottle of wine? Add a wine store. You could even incorporate bookshelves to store your cookbooks. With all this extra space you can even think of removing some of the cabinets from the walls giving your kitchen a much more light, open feel.

If you’d like to cook in the centre of your kitchen as well, talk to us about some of the great options we can provide in extractors that will keep the air in your kitchen clean while allowing you to use the larger central space of the room.


No matter what you intend your kitchen to look like, there’s always the golden triangle of needs for kitchen that ensures when you are using it as a cooking area things feel as effortless as possible.

  • Keep the dishwasher near the sink

  • Try to keep the bin near the dishwasher, the food preparation area and the hob zone.

It may seem like a simple thing but it’s easily forgotten when you’re looking at a plan view or some 3D renders. At Webbs we’re here to ensure you have the best experience in your kitchen, not just when you first see it but for you and your family, for the days, months, and years that follow.

Every last detail, taken care of

Cooking equipment storage that’s next to the hob and oven. A knife block and draws near the prep area.

Utensils, crockery, tableware, all with its perfect place within your new kitchen.

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