How do you feel about your Webbs kitchen?

It's exactly what I wanted. It's beautiful and I love it! I don't ever imagine myself leaving this kitchen. I love it.

How Did you hear of Webbs?

We knew of Webb's already through word-of-mouth from friends, and we had a really good idea of what we wanted.

When we went for that initial look around to have a look at ideas, Ben and his team were really helpful. They knew what we wanted straight away, so it didn't really take long to put it all together. They helped us along with the design and had really creative input on the whole process.

Why did you choose Webbs over another kitchen designer?

The friendliness, efficiency, and obviously, especially in a kitchen of this size, you look at the pricing!

Webbs were really competitive, and I think we just knew that they were a company that we'd work with really well. They were really accommodating to the design and the ideas that we had ourselves. They were really really good.

How did you find the quality of the appliances they specced?

There was no cutting corners! I think you find that some kitchen companies you go to, to keep costs down, they do suggest or add in cheaper appliances but, as you can see, what we've had, it's all top of the range appliances fitted. We found that pricing on those appliances was really competitive.

Were there any problems with the design or fitting?

No, no issues. I was really surprised at how quick, and efficient, and really knowledgeable Webbs were. You could see they knew what they were doing. It was nice for us to be able to come in and see the whole process, from the beginning of the fit.

They were really keen for us to come in and see what they were doing. I found, from the original initial phone call, right the way through to designing it, to having it fitted, I found the whole process really seamless. I think I'd really recommend them.

The kitchen was fitted during the building of your house, how was that?

Because this is a new build property, there was nobody living in it. They basically had, apart from the builders working upstairs and around in the grounds, they had nobody here, there was no obstacles for them to work around. It wasn't like we had to live in a separate part of the house while they were under our feet if you like, it was pretty much a clean canvas for them to work on.

Our project manager, that looked after everything for us, I don't thing he even noticed them come in and fit, they kept themselves to themselves and did the job. They came in, they got the job done, and went, and that's what you want.

Do you feel Webbs improved any of your initial ideas?

There's a lot of storage in this kitchen. There's a lot of base units. I didn't especially have the top wall units. We had the ones either side of the extractor fan, to balance it out for the symmetry but, I didn't have the one on the wall to the side. I think it would have looked, they suggested, that it possibly would have looked a bit sparse, a bit like it was missing something.

I toyed with the idea of getting an American fridge freezer, one of the exposed ones that you can see, but I think with the integrated units it just it finishes it off, and it actually looks like a piece of furniture, rather than just a kitchen, which is what I really like. And, the the wooden chopping board on the island, I think really, really makes it.

Would you recommend Webbs?

What I would say is, if you're looking for a kitchen, and you want something a little bit different, I would suggest Webbs. They've got a great selection of kitchens, and they've got a really nice team who are friendly and efficient, and really open to listening to what you want and your ideas.


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