Tracy and Marc Johnson's new kitchen

Tracy and Mark were having an extension added to the existing house, and decided getting rid of their small ‘lean to’ existing kitchen to make way for a larger family sized area for the whole family to use was a must!

They chose Webbs to design the kitchen because...

‘It may sound corny, but it is all about the experience and simply the level of service we received. If there were any problems Webbs would sort it straight away. Any ideas we had would be challenged if they thought it wouldn’t work. It wasn’t them telling us what to do, it was all about listening to each side, and coming up with the ideas together’.

The start of the journey…

Of course they had shopped around… who doesn’t? They got a few quotes, but didn’t like the Kitchens as much and felt other companies were ‘here is your kitchen, here you go… off you go!’ whereas working with Anna at Webbs felt like it was designing in partnership. She knew exactly what we wanted, and gave ideas and concepts as much as we did.

‘We started with Architects drawings, so knew the rough shape size and plan of the kitchen, we knew Ben and had seen other kitchens he had done. We did shop around, but thought it was much better to go with someone local’.

The Brief

Tracy and Mark wanted a light and open kitchen. Other houses they have lived in always seemed to have separate rooms, they wanted it to have a social feel where they could all sit round, kids could do their homework, watch TV, and they could cook and do lots of things together.

Did it go smoothly?

The fitting of the kitchen was incorporated into the whole extension build. So there were a few hiccups that weren’t Webbs fault, which had knock-on effects to the kitchen project, i.e. the windows weren’t ready, which delayed being able to plaster, which ultimately held up us being able to fit the kitchen.

“On the day of the kitchen was supposed to be started the fitter came and instantly put a hold on the fit because the walls weren’t dry. He said “If I fit this, the kitchen will get ruined as there is still damp in the air,. It needs to be completely dry”, I was really upset, as it was important to me to have the kitchen fitted and finished, after all the building work, I wanted to see something that was finished.

Although I was frustrated at the time, in hindsight, I’m so glad of his professionalism and Webbs focus ensuring us the quality we’d set our heart on.  I’m not sure other companies would have had the same duty of care.”

As a family business, we understand that having your dream kitchen is an exciting and emotional time.  We all want things to go perfectly, but sometimes problems and delays do happen.  We know it’s how we tackle those hiccups together that makes the real difference and try to make sure our customers feel ‘loved’ throughout the whole journey.

Best bits

It is all about the space for Tracy and Mark, so being able to have everyone eat together and socialise is a huge positive for them.

And of course the brand new shiny appliances:

  • Waste Disposal

  • Boiling Water tap

  • Wine Fridge